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The City Circle is an open circle for open minds where individuals are pushed to think outside the box. For over a decade it has provided a safe space for communities to self-critically discuss and debate issues that have concerned them. It has been open to the public, all shades of Muslim and non-Muslim opinion have been welcomed.  Whatever your faith and whatever your politics, the City Circle remains a home for everyone. We are an independent, indigenous and inclusive space.
We believe people should be free to develop their own ideas at their own speed.   The City Circle offers no doctrinal solutions but instead a space to explore new ideas and a place to ask questions:  to challenge and be challenged. That is how we believe creative, confident and dynamic communities develop.
The City Circle runs a number of targeted community based projects to improve the life chances of those around us.  We do so by harnessing the skills and talents of Muslim professionals.  The City Circle is a registered charity (reg. no.1088931).

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