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I'm going to make a bold claim: people rarely discuss death. It's something that every last person on this planet is destined to experience yet I think in modern society the concept of death and the transient nature of life has been pushed far, far down the list of topics people are comfortable discussing. Maybe it has always been so but while I have no idea if mortality has ever been a dinner-table conversation, it's certainly true that in times gone by death was a much more regular event and much more a part of people's everyday lives.

As an example, churches were once the centre of the community - the place where
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Assalaamu Alaikum Brothers and Sisters. My name is Julie Lock, I am a revert of 3 ½ years, a survivor of domestic abuse and an advocate for spreading awareness on domestic abuse. I have been a facilitator for almost 8 years now running domestic abuse support groups for women who have or are suffering from DV. We cover definitions of abuse, why it is hard to leave, boundaries, coping with grief, fear and guilt, assertiveness skills, warning sign, healthy relationships and more. The aim of the programme is to give the women some understanding of what they went through, why they have the feelings they do and some skills to help them start their journey of healing, to help them gain their self esteem and self respect back. It is very rewarding, even if in each group

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It may come as a surprise to know that 50 per cent of developing a novel goes into deigning the story and the other half into writing.

The writer designs a selection of elements to include in the story. The elements must arouse an emotional response in the reader, such as excitement, fear, or compassion. Take Michael Mopurgo’s War Horse (1982). We experience a variety of emotions as we follow the story of the farm boy and the horse – initially the love between the two; then the fear of the first world war approaching; followed by loss as they are separated; and finally reunion. 

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City Circle recently co-hosted a panel talk - Dara: Bridging Cultures Through Art, at SOAS.

Below, Anwar Akhtar, one of the panellists, Director of the Samosa media project and production consultant to the National Theatre and Ajoka Theatre on the play Dara, reflects on the panel discussion, the profound impact the play has had with audiences in the UK, as well as wider issues re the arts, media, representation and cultural exchange between Pakistan and Britain.
Given the recent tragic events in Paris and Copenhagen, now more than ever we need non-confrontational media platforms that are based on intellectual rigour and a free exchange of ideas. Dialogue between arts, youth and cultural groups worldwide is essential if we are to challenge prejudices and build more global collaboration

The Samosa Media Project - Pakistan Calling & Dara –Peace Building Initiatives

In 2013, the Samosa media project in partnership with the RSA set up and launched an online film project - Pakistan Calling  Working with film makers from Karachi, Lahore, London, Luton and Manchester, we produced and curated over 60 films looking at issues, from identity and equality to education, conflict resolution and minority rights issues in Pakistan and the UK.

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