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CC Saturday School 2011/12 GCSE Results

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The 2011/12 academic year produced another set of outstanding GCSE results for the City Circle Saturday School (CCSS) students. In total 13 students took their Maths exams and  11 students took their English exam. The table below shows a comparison of the CCSS results to the UK national average. The objective of the school is not only to help struggling students but to enable each student to fulfil their potential and reach the highest standards by presenting them with positive role models and encouraging them to give back to their communities. This is highlighted by the willingness of our students to actively get involved in volunteering and wider community initiatives.

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Four of our students who have studied at CCSS for many years and have gone on to university are now part of our family of volunteer teachers. A current A-level student who aspires to be a primary school teacher is building experience at CCSS as a teaching assistant. Exemplifying the spirit of community, last year’s A-level students organised a fundraising dinner and raised almost £10,000 for the education charity, The Citizens’ Foundation - we hope to continue with this initiative in 2013.

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