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The Forgotten Women of the War on Terror

The wives of GuantanamoSpeaker: Victoria Brittain

Date: 8 Mar 2013 

Time: 18:45-20:30 

Venue: Abrar House, 45 Crawford Place, W1H 4LP 






Event Details:

The global war on terror has claimed many victims. In addition to those who lost their lives, many were imprisoned and tortured without charge or due process. The men who were taken into high security prisons or flown on secret renditions to be tortured by authoritarian regimes leave behind them wives, children and other relatives who suffer greatly. In this talk, the speaker will reveal the rarely discussed impact of the war on terror on the wives and children of the incarcerated and disappeared men. In addition to questions of civil liberties, the speaker will also discuss the human side of the issue and the strength shown by the affected families.  


Copies of the speaker’s book, Shadow Lives, will be on sale.


The Speaker:

Victoria Brittain lived and worked as a journalist in Washington, Nairobi, Saigon, Algiers and London, and has travelled extensively in Africa and the Middle East. She worked at the Guardian for 20 years. She is author of Death of Dignity: Angola’s Civil War (1997), co-author of Moazzam Begg’s Guantanamo memoir, Enemy Combatant (2006) and author and co-author of two verbatim plays.


Free entrance. All welcome. No reservation needed. Prayer space available. Street parking free from 18:30.

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